The Friends of the Berkshire National Fish Hatchery is an all-volunteer operation! In addition to our governing board (that does all the boring stuff), you can become a member and help support the Hatchery and all our activities!

Want to support the Hatchery, freshwater ecosystems, and recreational fishing in the Berkshires?

Become a Member

What are member benefits?

  • What are the benefits of becoming a member? 
  • Get periodic updates about news and invitations to all public events; 
  • Attend the annual members-only meeting in June; and
  • Know that you are spreading the word about this important – and cool – local resource and supporting recreational fishing and youth in our area.

What are member responsibilities?

  • Help out at two of our events each year. Choose from our monthly April-September fishing derbies on Saturday mornings, our August open house at the hatchery; our annual fall Heritage Walk day; or occasional special education programs, like our tie and cast your own fly clinics done in partnership with Trout Unlimited. 
  • Help fundraise by selling raffle tickets, soliciting local businesses to buy an ad for our annual derby t-shirt, or directly soliciting donations.

Email info@hatcheryfriends.org now about becoming a member!